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Here you can download two original Photoshop plug-in filters.
These are created using Filter Factory, a scriptable plug-in found on the Adobe Photoshop CD-ROM. Please read the ReadMe files on each filter for more information.
Have fun!

Eliminate White Filter (Mac and Windows95 NEW )

Eliminate White filter is a Photoshop plug-in filter that generates transparency in a layer based on the "whiteness" of each pixel color. This is useful when you want to "peel" an image off the white background and put it on an independent layer. It's also useful for creating interesting effects. This filter separates even gradient fills to white or feathered edges.

Download Eliminate White Filter (MAC)
(44K, StuffIt archive)

Download Eliminate White Filter (WIN)
(21K, zip format)

Detailed step-by-step guide for Eliminate White filter is available at Adobe's Tips and Techniques section!! (White to Transparent Magic) also in Acrobat PDF file.
Visit Adobe web site.

Grid Creator Filter (Mac only)

Grid Creator Filter is a plug-in filter used to create grid pattern in Adobe Photoshop. You can control, horizontal and vertical grids' interval, width, offset and opacity. Grid pattern will be made of a color (out of 64 preselected colors) or existing image on the target layer.

Download Grid Creator Filter
(40K, StuffIt archive)

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Last updated: January 17, 1998